Jan 9 The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

I had been meaning to read Golden Compass for a really long time. I bought my son the movie and in a moment of weakness let him watch it, which I usually never do because I always insist that he reads or that we read the book together first. Anyhow, at least in my case I wasn’t going to watch the movie before I read the book.

First of all, I have to say that I’m not really sure that this book is a kids book because it really deals with a lot of issues about God that are totally not appropriate for most children – certainly not for an eight year old. I also think that the idea of “Dust” was not that well explained and a bit esoteric for more kids. But besides that I thought that the books was extremely imaginative – lots of new fantasy ideas in there that I had never seen anywhere else. I love how different his witches are, the idea or a daemon, of armored bears and his use of zeppelins and hot air balloons as the most prevalent means of transportation. I also loved his take on the Northern Lights. I felt that the book moved really quickly, the story was self-contained and made sense and could easily see why it would make a good movie. It really made me want to read more and watch the movie.

The movie of The Golden Compass (Widescreen Single-Disc Edition) was wonderful. I thought Lyra was well portrayed and Nicole Kidman was perfect as Mrs. Coulter. The movie really was magical and it didn’t bring up all the weird Adam and Eve stuff and the issues about God as the book did. But of course, the ending of the movie was totally different than the book.

Anyway…off the read the next in the trilogy!


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