Jan 22 July’s People by Nadine Gordimer

Ever since I heard Nadine Gordimer speak in Jerusalem a few years ago I have been more enamored than ever with her fiction. She is such an incredibly stately and graceful woman, truly a world class novelist – one of the greats. I’ve been trying little by little to read all of her books. Today I read July’s People which images a revolution in South Africa in the early 1980s and describes the flight of a liberal white family who takes shelter from the violence in the mud huts of their servant, July’s family. They feel completely alone and must try to learn how to live like the “other” as more an more of traditional “white” society’s accouterments are stripped from them. It is also a book about race relations – except that here, they flip and flip again in order to demonstrate just how tenuous they really are. I’m not sure I really understood the ending completely, but it was a good read.


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