Jan 25 Fludd by Hilary Mantel

I enjoyed this book way more than I enjoyed Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, even though I know that she won the Booker Prize and the National Book Award. While Wolf Hall successfully told the story of Tudor England through the perspective of Thomas Cromwell and humanized him in the process, I found the book slow moving and difficult to follow in places.

Fludd on the other hand was short and sweet. Funny, the characters were quirky and easy to like, and it’s themes were easier to relate to and I loved her use of alchemy as a way to affect change in the lives of the parishioners. And I loved how she used a fictitious town and “fictitious” religion to attack the Catholic church.

After Wolf Hall I wasn’t sure that I would read another book by Hilary Mantel. Now I’m glad I did.


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