April 30 – The Ghost Trap by K. Stephens

What I most enjoyed about this book was reading about the lives of lobster fisherman. I found the details about fishing for lobster absolutely fascinating. Though I liked the characters in the story and I found the depiction of small town Maine life very engaging – I most enjoyed the descriptions of being out on the open sea and the relationship that these fisherman have with the water. There were so many interesting traditions and superstitions about when to go out and when not to go out fishing – depending on the weather, the color of the sky, the color of the water and more – I truly felt that the author gave me a glimpse into a world I would never have learned about or come in contact with otherwise. Not only did this story make me want to go visit some of these small Maine villages and islands, but it made me want to go out on the open water and even meet the local people. Perhaps someday I will.

I also found the relationship between Anja and Jaime a fascinating one in that there are many people around the world who choose to care for and love a partner who has suffered from a traumatic brain injury or some other type of life threatening or debilitating illness or condition and I think that there was a lot to sympathize with here.

Thanks to K. Stephens and TNBBC for the opportunity to read this book and to participate in a discussion of the book and thanks to Leap Frog Press for enabling the giveaway and discussion to happen!


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