Book Poetry

So Janet Reid – the fabulous literary agent who is know for her snarkiness and sharkiness often runs contests where she gives out a whole bunch of random words and asks her followers to string them together into something clever – usually and short story of some sort. Short stories are not my thing. So I’ve never entered. But then last week she put up this:

Because she had seen it done by Tahereh Mafi on her fabulous blog.

And so I had no choice. I had to enter.

I put up this:

And she’s put mine up on her site:

And I think this is just about the coolest contest ever and I have no idea what the prize will be and I frankly could care less whether I win or not because I just had so much fun doing it! I want to write 10 of these – I would love to write a whole book of these. I used to write a lot of poetry. What happened? I miss it. Maybe this is a call to start again.


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