Highs and more highs – The Jerusalem International Book Fair

So I just spent the week at The Jerusalem International Book Fair. I met an incredible amount of people: authors, editors, agents, publishers. I went to cocktail parties and seminars, had meetings and drank coffee (waaaaay too much coffee…), I mingled and buzzed, drank waaay too much wine (both before and after the coffee) and learned so much about the publishing industry both here in Israel and all over the world. Trends and forecasts. Hot books and bestsellers. New genres and tv-tie ins. The digital marketplace. How ebooks and tablets are changing both the way we think and the way we read. I discovered that I should never shop for books after having three glasses of wine…

The damage:

Evan Fallenberg’s “When We Danced on Water
Francesca Segal’s “The Innocents
M.L. Steadman’s “The Light Between the Oceans
Edmund de Waal’s “The Hare With The Amber Eyes
And one in Hebrew: “Akiva’s Orchard” by Yochi Brandes
But in all seriousness.
The most amazing part of my week: all the people I met (editors, agents, authors) plus hearing Antonio Munoz Molina speak (when he received The Jerusalem Prize)
The most interesting part of my week: learning about the Israeli book market from Ziv Lewis of Kinneret Publishing, and Dror Mishani (author of The Missing File) of Keter Books
The most disturbing part of my week: hearing about the pay-as-you-go reading site “TotalBoox” – still not sure what to make of it
The most fascinating part of my week: Hearing Dr. Sheizaf Rafaeli from Haifa University talk about how our brains are changing as a result of the information overload, and how it’s not just books that are changing – content is changing too. And yet. We should not be afraid and embrace this change – it’s sure to be a wild ride.
The hardest part of the week: the exhaustion
The saddest part of the week: that it’s over and I have to go back to normal life now!
Part of me is glad the Jerusalem Book Fair only happens every other year. Not sure I could handle it once a year!

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February 16, 2013 · 8:14 pm

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