National Poetry Month, Napowrimo, and My Own Personal Brand of Madness

I am doing something decidedly insane this month, especially considering the fact that I am going to the London Book Fair in the middle of all of this, and I have to hand in edits for my cookbook (Eating the Bible, coming out in September from Skyhorse Press and already available for pre-order on Amazon!) in the next few days, and I am in the middle of working on the first book in a fantasy series. But, it’s NATIONAL POETRY MONTH and it’s Napowrimo so…I will be writing one poem a day for 30 days starting April 1 (I may have to double up on some days especially when I am in London). I am certifiably nuts. But some of you already knew that.

I will also be participating in the following: THE BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY 2013

My Try Poetry Giveaway

I will be giving away two books of poetry.

One by my favorite poet of all time: Pablo Neruda and another by a new, lesser-known poet: Traci Birnhall.

I haven’t decided which Pablo Neruda book yet. I’m still debating…Check back here to find out!

This is the Traci Birnhall book:


Very excited to be doing this (and a little nervous!) I’m not sure if I’ll post the poem that I write each day, because I would like to be able to submit them afterwards, maybe snippets of the poems and something about the process, the ideas I touch upon and where my inspiration comes from.

Please comment below in order to enter the giveway!



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15 responses to “National Poetry Month, Napowrimo, and My Own Personal Brand of Madness

  1. Sarah Dangelantonio

    such a great idea – thanks for participating and count me in!

  2. Count me in, too, please. And thanks for participating!

  3. Count me in! Thanks for being a part ofthis!

  4. I love this giveaway idea! Thanks.

  5. Please consider this my entry 🙂

  6. Neruda is in my top 5 🙂 Thanks for participating in the giveaway

  7. Count me in too! 🙂 Awesome!
    bklossada (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Hi Rena – a lovely idea!
    Happy Poetry Month from the NSW North Coast! Count me in! After scribbling for my poetry muse for YEARS, last September discovered the fun of ‘drabbles’ (100-word microfiction).
    Re your comment about writing something about the process, the ideas and the source of your inspiration. I have recently done this for an on-line project that I am hosting []. This piece is a tribute to Michael Dransfield (Australia’s prolific ‘drug poet’ of the early 1970s).
    I suppose it is my way of blogging (look for ‘Alexandra J Cornwell – Poet’ and ‘Byron Short Fiction ‘Drabble’ Writers’ on facebook). I joined a writer’s group last week and did my first readers & writers festival in Bellingen 2 weeks ago (also attended and entered my first Poetry Slam event)…
    Happy poetry writing!
    Alexandra williams[dot]alexandra{at}ymail[dot]com

  9. Rena, sign me up and throw me in for either book> I have most of Neruda but can always gift it. And your cookbook sounds like a real treasure, will be getting it!

  10. I’d love to play! Thanks!! Wow — on the cookbook! katrina
    And do visit me, too:

  11. Count me in and thanks for doing this!

  12. Angela

    Always wanted the Traci Brimhall book. Thanks for this generous offer!

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