My name is Rena Rossner, I am a writer and avid reader (sometimes called book-monster!). My novel “Master of the Miracles” is out on submission via my agent: Josh Getzler. I wrote a cookbook entitled “Eating the Bible” which was recently published by Skyhorse Publishing! It is based on two years worth of weekly columns that I wrote for The Jerusalem Post over a period of two years that connected a recipe with a Biblical verse.

I have  always been a voracious reader and came up with the idea of reading a book a day and blogging about it, only to discover that someone had already beat me to the punch! Nina Sankovitch read one book every day in 2008-2009  and has a forthcoming book called Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading that chronicles this experience. I’m not always able to read a book a day, but I certainly read almost as much as that! I also don’t always have the time to blog about every book that I read, but I do blog about the ones that stand out – the make an impact on me and my world. The ones I don’t blog about are here for me as a way of creating a chronicle of “my life in books.”

I don’t want to write reviews of books because you can find plenty of those in other places, I want to share my reading experience with you. I am especially interested in how reading some books can often lead us to read other books. In fact, those are my favorite types of books: books that force me to pick up more books!

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