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eating the bible

Eating the Bible Cookbook
Out now from Skyhorse Publishing! November 2013
If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, perhaps the palate can light the way to the soul.
Based on two years worth of columns written for The Jerusalem Post entitled “The Weekly Portion” where each week a recipe was matched up with a Biblical verse, I have compiled a cookbook entitled “Eating the Bible.”

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Framing the Sea

Set both in Ireland and Israel, “Framing the Sea” is a work of literary fiction about art and memory, love and loss. Eliora Girand’s life is shattered when her husband, Micha is killed in a suicide attack. All that remains of him is his camera and his unborn child. When Eliora’s best friend from Ireland shows up unannounced Eliora must confront her feelings for him as she struggles to find and comprehend the last photographs that Micha took before he died.

For more information contact Josh Getzler at the Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency.

Master of the Miracles
(This novel won a Gold Medal and Editor’s Desk Review on the HarperCollins slushpile site Authonomy.

Ora is tired of praying. Nobody wants a baby more than she does, but she is starting to think that God wants more from her than just her prayers. She begins to have stigmatic visions of a 2nd Century woman named Bruriah, wife of Rabbi Meir – Master of the Miracles. Inspired by the learned Bruriah, Ora begins to learn forbidden texts – guided by a Yeshiva student named Chaim who she should certainly not be speaking to – let alone meeting in private.

When Ora finds herself pregnant with twins, the Yeshiva rejoices. But Ora knows that the babies were not conceived with her husband. Confronted with the same choice as Bruriah faced 2000 years before, Ora must decide to follow in her footsteps, or to find redemption in her own way.

For more information contact Josh Getzler at the Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency.


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  1. I love these two novels and wish them all the luck. I do want to find out the rest of Ora’s story.

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